The after-school program makes sure that homework is done and that students have an understanding of their completed work. The K-8 program has consistently helped students work toward academic success.

The after-school program strengthens reading and math skills, provides mentoring support and leadership development for students from kindergarten through grade 8 and supports a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and nutrition education.

WNS’ afterschool program also partners to provide additional educational and cultural enrichment opportunities. For example, Art with a Heart provides art teachers who expose Westminster’s students to visual arts and crafts. They also sponsor an annual art exhibit of Westminster student art in the spring.

Volunteers, both individuals and those from various organizations, serve as mentors.

As a component to its healthy lifestyle initiative, Westminster students also participate in physical activities and fitness in the Lilly gym or the Legacy community playground and work in Westminster’s garden.

Mentors are vital to the after-school program. They make a commitment to support a student during the school year for one hour per week Monday through Thursday. They build a relationship with students by helping with homework or by just being a friend. Westminster’s goal is for each student within the program to have a mentor.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.